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Tune Room PRO Session w/ Enda Scahill!

Enda is a great fella, banjo player (and speaker – lots of wisdom in this session :)), in fact, our first banjo player in The Tune Room! I met Enda when he was touring with one of Ireland’s biggest folk groups, We Banjo 3, it was a treat to hang with him online! Enjoy the…

Tune Room PRO Session w/ Tara Breen!

What a treat this was! Tara is an All-Ireland Fiddle Champ (also in saxophone and flute – no big deal lol), tours with The Chieftains, and was chosen by the Queen to perform at Dublin Castle! Pure talent (and very sweet).  In this session, we chat about Irish fiddle and Tara teaches us a classic…

Tune Room PRO Session w/ Will Page!

Lovely chat + some tune learning with UK’s, Will Page! Great player and wonderful fella!

Tune Room PRO Session w/ Tuli Porcher!

Inn Echo is one of Canada’s new exciting trad bands, so it was a pleasure to have Tuli online for a Tune Room PRO Session, and teach us one of her original tunes!

Tune Room PRO Session w/ Cassie MacDonald!

I’m a big fan of fellow East Coasters, Cassie & Maggie, so I was very glad when Cassie was able to hop on with us this month! She teaches us a tune, and we chat a bit about the road 🙂

Tune Room Session w/ Kevin Chaisson!

A nice lil evening w/ my ol man, playing a few tunes and teaching one of his classics, “Mitchell Paul’s Jig”. Enjoy!

Tune Room Session w/ Trent Freeman!

Like I say, hard to find a fella more talented than Trent Freeman! Amazing player (both fiddle AND violin), videographer, teacher, innovator, writer, and the list goes on! This was a great session, and I (along with everyone else) even learned a new tune – love it 🙂

Tune Room Session w/ Fergal Scahill!

One of my favourite musicians of all time, Ireland’s (and We Banjo 3 member), Fergal Scahill! And a true gentleman. Very much enjoyed our conversation and the tunes! I hope you do too 🙂 Recorded on March, 18, 2023.

Tune Room Session w/ Laura Cortese!

What a treat it was to have Laura Cortese online for our Tune Room Session! Laura is an incredible talent, as a fiddler, singer and songwriter. The dream! We talk about the fiddlin + singin club, touring, Rollo Bay shenanigans and choppin’ 🙂 Lots of great tips! 

Tune Room Session w/ Liz Carroll!

I absolutely LOVED this Tune Room Session and could’ve went on for another 3 hours with the amount of questions I had for Liz (and tunes I wanted to hear live), but we squeezed er in in 75 mins 😉 Lots of great stuff in here, I hope you enjoy and thanks for hopping on!

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