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Tune Room PRO Session w/ Cassie MacDonald!

I’m a big fan of fellow East Coasters, Cassie & Maggie, so I was very glad when Cassie was able to hop on with us this month! She teaches us a tune, and we chat a bit about the road 🙂

Tune Room Session w/ Kevin Chaisson!

A nice lil evening w/ my ol man, playing a few tunes and teaching one of his classics, “Mitchell Paul’s Jig”. Enjoy!

Tune Room Session w/ Trent Freeman!

Like I say, hard to find a fella more talented than Trent Freeman! Amazing player (both fiddle AND violin), videographer, teacher, innovator, writer, and the list goes on! This was a great session, and I (along with everyone else) even learned a new tune – love it 🙂

Tune Room Session w/ Fergal Scahill!

One of my favourite musicians of all time, Ireland’s (and We Banjo 3 member), Fergal Scahill! And a true gentleman. Very much enjoyed our conversation and the tunes! I hope you do too 🙂 Recorded on March, 18, 2023.

Tune Room Session w/ Laura Cortese!

What a treat it was to have Laura Cortese online for our Tune Room Session! Laura is an incredible talent, as a fiddler, singer and songwriter. The dream! We talk about the fiddlin + singin club, touring, Rollo Bay shenanigans and choppin’ 🙂 Lots of great tips! 

Tune Room Session w/ Liz Carroll!

I absolutely LOVED this Tune Room Session and could’ve went on for another 3 hours with the amount of questions I had for Liz (and tunes I wanted to hear live), but we squeezed er in in 75 mins 😉 Lots of great stuff in here, I hope you enjoy and thanks for hopping on!

Tune Room Session w/ Jake Charron

Official Tune Room Session w/ Jake Charron! This was recorded for Tune Room Members on May 7, 2022 🙂

Tune Room Session w/ Jay Andrews

This was a great chat (and a few good tunes after) w/ Jay – he’s a true gem and I hope you enjoy it (incase you missed it)!

Tune Room Session w/ Natalie MacMaster

Our 1st official “Tune Room Session” was with special guest Natalie MacMaster! I captured it for Tune Room members who weren’t able to attend live (or for those who did, to watch again because she’s so good) 🙂 Enjoy!

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