G'day, g'day, everyone!

WELCOME to The Tune Room 🙂

I’m Tim Chaisson, a touring musician + songwriter (The East Pointers) from Prince Edward Island, Canada (on the East Coast of Canada, if you’re not familiar). It’s so rich in trad + folk music here — especially Celtic Fiddle — and I'm here to share a bit of that with you!

I get asked quite often about fiddle workshops and it's quite rare I actually get a chance to do 'em anymore. So here in The Tune Room, I'll be posting video tutorials focussing on tunes from home + my favourites from across the globe (learning melody by ear, bowing, embellishments, etc). If you're not confident with your ear, don't fret! I'll have accompanying sheet music + tutorial notes breaking down the tune visually. I also have Practice Tracks that you can set to your desired tempo - I'm your accompanist (you can isolate fiddle, guitar or have both)!

After each tutorial, I have a mini guitar accompaniment lesson - focussing on that tune (strumming patterns, chord structure, etc).

If you want more, I've created The Tune Room PRO, which includes one monthly online LIVE session (1 hr)! I usually invite a special guest along (Natalie MacMaster, Liz Carroll to name a few) to chat about their fiddle journey + a lot more 🙂 You can grab yer fiddle, a bevy and hop on for a wee chat, tune, or just a listen!

I love the COMMUNITY of The Tune Room - I'm so grateful for every single one of you, so THANK YOU for being a part of it.

Yer the best.


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Have a little taste!

Here’s a Free Tutorial for one of PEI’s most popular tunes (coincidentally written by my ol man, Kevin Chaisson), "Carter MacKenzie’s Reel"! Subscribe for sheet music, fiddle tabs, practice tracks and more!
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