Tutorial 24! Carter MacKenzie’s Reel (FREE)

G’day, g’day everyone!

Well, as you can tell from the ol thumbnail here, this is a free tutorial (so there may be a few new visitors)! I’ve been waiting to do a free tutorial for “Carter MacKenzie’s Reel” because it’s such a staple here on PEI (possibly the most well known PEI tune?!).

So, if you’re new, I hope you enjoy this – please feel free to check out the others and join our clan of players (so many great people on here).

All old friends, I hope you enjoy this too – if you don’t already know it!

Let me know in the comments below how you fared out!

PS., We have a tie for our group tune recording (was hoping to pick today) between “The Last March”, “Mom’s Jig”, and “Highland Storm” – anymore votes to come?

Chat soon!


Sheet Music


Just Fiddle

Just Guitar

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Mykall Lamb

Hi Tim! Been finally learning this one, got it up to .75 on your recording ?!


Amazing Deepa!


Me too Deepa! It’s just so good ?

Exported: 18-2-2021
I learned this one from the sheet music available on the Bowing Down Home website nearly a year ago when I bought my tickets for Rollo Bay. Obviously sad that the trip was cancelled but pretty cool that it came full circle to being able to learn it again on this platform and I'm looking forward to playing it in the monthly jams!
3mo. 2 Likes.
Tim Chaisson
Totally Sara!
Mary Alton
Thanks for the cheerful tune; it's just like skipping down the road!
2mo. 1 Like.
Tim Chaisson
Haha that's great Mary :)